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Rebecca Carmona

The attendees at the "Women Empowering Women in Real Estate event left empowered with tons of information. Sabine taught us how to be more confident and gave us the tools to implement what we have learned in an easy effective way. Everyone had a great time and learned so much. Thank you again for presenting at our annual event.

Lee Green

Sabine taught me how to speak to my potential clients with confidence and being able to authentically present my offer to them. She has this unique ability to invoke the very best attributes of people, constantly reminded me of what I am truly capable of. Anyone that has the opportunity to have Sabine mentor them should consider themselves lucky.

Shawn Pelletier

Sabine created a safe environment and made me feel comfortable. Taking Sabine’s program gave me clarity and I became more confident in presenting my offers. Sabine coached me on how I can improve. Learning these skills helped me as a new entrepreneur to better communicate with my audience. Now I have more confidence to just step up and do it.

Weekly Coaching

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Make A Difference - Leave A Legacy!

When I was a teenager, I had a vocal group. One band member had an amateur recording studio, and we recorded some of the songs that we performed. 🎸🎧🎀🎹

Mind you, that was 40 years ago, Yes, yes, that dates me, but I wanted to let you know back in the days that was a big deal.

Today we can open our computer and record on garage band, but you had to have big tapes and mixing boards back then.

Well, long story short. This former band member in Germany (my home country where I grew up) located me here in the US and sent me the recordings we did decades ago.

Wow, what a surprise listening to something that we created 40 years ago, and it is there for generations to listen to.

I must say I got emotional. It was exciting to hear our recordings, and it made me think.

When we create and record something, we actually leave something behind. No matter if it is a piece of recording or writing that is being seen by millions or only by a few of our family members.

Over the years, I recorded a CD, wrote two books, and taped many Videos that are posted on Social Media. I know I am leaving a legacy. No matter how big or small, I feel good about the fact that I'm sharing my talent, knowledge, and wisdom while here on this earth.

You, too, have the talent ⭐️, knowledge πŸ€“, and wisdom to contribute to society. Don’t sit on the sidelines. I encourage you to share what you have now. Make a difference in 2021.πŸ”₯

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Cheers ❀️ πŸ˜€ πŸ’ͺ,