What You Will Get:

During this call, we will evaluate your current situation, and I give you actionable steps to help you avoid pitfalls and achieve your desired outcome faster. 
I will share with you the details of my "Speak Like A Pro" Beta Coaching Program, and how it can help you break through the walls of doubt and fear and at the same time build your Celebrity Brand.
If we feel it is a good fit, I will offer you a spot in my new Beta program. 

Shawn P.

Taking Sabine’s program gave me clarity and I became more confident in presenting my offers. Sabine coached me on how I can improve. Learning the skills Sabine is teaching, helped me as a new entrepreneur to better communicate with my audience. Now I have more confidence to step up and do it.

Suzi B.

I have achieved so much just in the few weeks we worked together. Sabine helped me to get clarity and create actionable steps to get where I wanted to go. Finally I have more confidence, are able to better connect with my audience and I am growing my list of people that want my service.