3 Simple Steps: How To Take Control Of YOUR Life

Feb 06, 2020

Are you in control of your life?

That is a loaded question I know. You may answer this: Sometimes I am, but often times I don’t have control over things.

You are right, there are situations in life you can’t control.  You really only have control over three things: The thoughts that you think, the pictures that you visualize and the actions that you take.

With other words, no matter what the circumstances are, you have a choice how you think about them and over the actions that you take.

You can’t do anything about the weather, but your thoughts determine how you feel about it. You can get upset because it rains or you can think this is liquid sunshine for my garden. You can take a walk in the rain without any protective clothing or you can dress appropriately and take an umbrella.

So, how do we even know what our main focus is on a daily basis?

Simple, we need to become aware of it.

This week I invite you to keep a tally of the thoughts that you think, the pictures you hold in mind and the actions that you take. Have a piece of paper that has a line down the middle. On one side you record your negative thoughts (fear, concerns, gossip etc) and on the other side you record all the positive thoughts (dreams, goals, feelings of success etc).

If you are up for it, please share your results with our community by posting a comment.

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