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Sabine Kvenberg is a dynamic speaker and singer/songwriter with an extraordinary story and a tremendous ability to touch people’s hearts and souls. She is a master at accomplishing even the loftiest goals and teaching others to do the same. With her inspirational story and music she is now teaching others how to take charge of their lives, living joyfully and abundant. Sabine published two books: Secrets on How to Succeed in Showbiz and Unlock Your Full Potential. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Sabine has appeared on European stages and TV as both an actress and a Musical Performer. In 1994 she relocated to the United States, where she established a Performing Arts School. Besides being a business owner, she is following her calling to share her wisdom, message and music with the seekers of this world. In her own words: “I help them discover their higher self so they can live a life with purpose, inspiration, love and abundance.” Combing her experience as an actress, singer/songwriter, teacher and Distinguished Toastmaster makes her a powerful, entertaining speaker and effective coach who is able to connect to her audience leaving them inspired and motivated to take action.


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Frank Kelly

“Sabine’s book ‘Secrets on How to Succeed in Showbiz’ is spot on, practical, and motivational. I highly recommend it to the aspiring professional wanting to take his/her performance to the next level!”

Samantha Husar

When I began implementing the content of the book to my life I almost instantly felt like I finally know where I am headed. Not only do I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be successful in show business but to anyone who has a dream of becoming anything.  Secrets on how to Succeed in Showbiz is much more than a “how to book”, it’s a map to success.

Rev. Pamela Mann

Sabine is a strong business woman who is talented in so many different areas.  I have experienced Sabine's work as an inspirational speaker, workshop presenter and  as a business mentor. Her vision and guidance has been inspirational assistance as I seek to move forward in my own professional life. 

Dana Agnellini

Sabine is a very talented, performer, singer/songwriter and speaker. Each time I have seen her through the years she has gotten better and stronger. I have learned so much from her. I strongly encourage you to bring her out to your center and share her beautiful energy with your congregation. 



Whatever you choose, do it fully with passion and child-like enthusiasm.

Dr. Oz


Sabine's TV appearance on Channel 7 during the taping of the Suncoast View.

No matter if she teaches a seminar, giving a keynote presentation or sharing her voice in her musical capacity, she is bringing in the joy, leaving people inspired and uplifted.

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I would like to gift you one of my songs called "Jump the Gap" (from knowing to doing). I hope this song will inspire and empower you to take action. Click to button below to get you free copy.


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