8 Powerful, Proven Success Principals

#1 Burning Desire
To become a successful entrepreneur, you must have the desire? As we can read in Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, he refers to it as a burning desire. It's almost like an obsession. Think back to when you had that burning desire in your life. You really, really, really wanted to make it happen. No matter what it is. It can be in your business, the job that you have, or in your personal life. There was something that you were passionate about. You googled it, asked in your circle of influence, friends, and co-workers, learned new skills, etc. It was something that you wanted to do. And when you have this burning desire, you will most likely get what you want.

#2 Vision
Without Vision people perish. And this is so true. You may not die, you just go about your day-to-day, and you don't have any vision for your life. You may not be dead, but you can feel dead inside. You see, we always have to have a vision for something, and if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you must have that vision. When I first started out building my very first business, and that was a performing art school, I had that vision. I visualized myself giving lessons. I imagined a space where I could see many students. And the more clear our vision is, the more likely we can achieve our desired outcome? Because our subconscious mind thinks in pictures, we communicate with our subconscious mind with images. And when we have that picture in our imagination, our subconscious mind will start trying to bring those visions into reality. And that is very, very important. That's why vision boards are essential. You create a vision board that excites you and place it where you can see it every day, multiple times. That is powerful. And before you know it, your vision, your dream, becomes a reality.

#3 Belief
Whoa, that is a big one. Because often, we have limiting beliefs, and those limiting beliefs hinder us from getting where we want to go. Now, how can we increase our confidence? Let me give you a simple example. It all starts with your potential. We all have potential within us. You have a talent; you have a gift. In my case, acting, singing, and dancing were my potential, but I didn't know what to do with that when I was a young adult. But I had a mentor who reminded me of what I'm good at, and that triggered my action steps. I wanted to become an actress, but I didn't know how. So. But one thing that I did, and this is crucial. I took action.

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