A Leap of Faith

I stood there for 10 minutes contemplating if I should jump. 

Do you remember one of Indiana Jones movies where he needed to step onto an invisible bridge to get to the treasure? It took a leap of faith and a few pebbles of course, after all, it's Indiana Jones, but he did it.

I had a similar experience this morning. I had to overcome my fear and step into nothingness in the faith that I will not fall and that I am supported by this "invisible" rob.

In my video, you can listen to the whole story.

Bottom line: Sometimes we need to overcome the fear that is holding us back in order to get the "treasure". 

Do you want to get more clients, but are afraid to speak to them on camera or perhaps are terrified of those "sales calls"?

No matter what fear you are facing right now take a leap of faith and do.

Perhaps you want to take a leap of faith right now, but are standing in front of that invisible bridge and just need someone to tell you that you are going to be OK.

I am happy to be that one.

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