Do You Overthink?

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Don't Overthink. Overthinking can elevate fear and can even hinder you to take action.  

I saw that young woman standing on a 20 feet high platform ready to finish her obstacle course. However, in order for her to be lowered down, she had to take a step forward so her harness could support her and she would gently be lowered to the ground.

Sounds easy right? However, in order for that to happen, she needed to step off the platform into thin air so to speak so the system can work its magic.  She couldn't get herself to do it, because there was no resistant support that she could hang onto.

She started thinking about how this could work, thinking of how she may not be supported, how that could even work, why there was no resistance on the robe that she was connected to, and if she should even do it at all.  Her hesitation made it even worse. Now she was at a point where she lost the belief in herself to do it.

Since I went through that same experience a few weeks earlier, I was able to guide her through the process, first by demonstrating how easy it is and second by cheering her on to take that leap of faith.  

Isn't that so true in many other situations that we are finding ourselves in on a daily basis?  I know many entrepreneurs, or want to become one, have to take a leap of faith multiple times. We don't know all the answers and in many instances, we have never done a particular task and need help.   Sometimes people feel so overwhelmed or embarrassed to ask for help that they ended up not doing it at all. 

Don't let this happen to you. Ask for help from someone who has been there before you.

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