Where focus goes, energy flows

personal growth

 Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you had too many balls in the air and couldn't catch one, or you had that overwhelming feeling that you've been pulled in so many different directions? I believe we all have been there once or twice (or perhaps more :).

When I find myself in this kind of situation, I know that nothing really gets done the way I would like to. That's when I have to stop and evaluate my objectives.

I have to step back and say no to a couple of things, or perhaps, not now. I focus only on the one thing that brings me the most joy and gives me the most results.

Once in a while, I may have to complete a task that I don't particularly like, but I know it must be done to have better outcomes in the future; I'll do it; I'll focus on that first. 

Where focus goes, energy flows. Choose wisely.


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